MegaLock Tube Kit


  • The Mega Tube is the large size Tool Tube. 
  • Twice the capacity of the Tool Tube. 
  • Ideal canister for the Primus 1.5 liter fuel can. 
  • Holds the Dual Sport Tool Roll perfectly. 
  • Rugged and weather tight storage for your adventure gear needs.
  • Stainless hardware combines with the Mega Tube for an easy to install motorcycle storage canister for many different bikes. 

MegaLock model - 2 cable ends meet at the stainless loop on the cap. Designed for more extreme riding conditions. Double cable provides additional cap security and durability on extended rough washboard conditions. Cable also moves within anchor points to allow lock placement to fall where it best fits.
Mounting hardware includes 3 stainless “p” clamps, 5/8” size, 3 stainless button head allen bolts, M6 x 20mm, 3 stainless nylock nuts, 6 ss flat washers, and 4 zip ties.