• The Mega Tube is the large size Tool Tube. 
  • Twice the capacity of the Tool Tube. 
  • Ideal canister for the Primus 1.5 liter fuel can. 
  • Holds the Dual Sport Tool Roll perfectly. 
  • Rugged and weather tight storage for your adventure gear needs.

4 5/16” (109mm) internal body diameter
5 1/8” outside cap diameter at collar
12 1/4” (310mm) internal body length, body and cap
8 7/8” (225mm) internal length, body only
14 1/4” overall length, cap end to outer edge of opposite bracket
10 9/16” (268mm) bolt hole center
3 bolt holes, 1/4”+, at threaded end of body. One hole at foot end bracket.
Small vent hole in body adjacent to threaded end bracket allows air pressure to equalize.
Vent hole can be plugged for maximum weather proofing.