BRISK Spark Plug - Czech Made January 17 2018, 0 Comments

Spark Plug High-Potential Semi-Surface Discharge Equals More Power

 • Our BRISK Premium LGS spark plug utilizes a very unique, semi-surface discharge electrode design. By implementing this design, the spark plug is able to fire a much larger spark plug gap, because the spark glides along the surface of the insulator, requiring much less energy than firing a traditional style air gap. Longer spark discharge makes more contact with the A/F mixture, igniting more molecules in the A/F mixture over a larger area.

Spark Plug Discharge At Richest Point In Mixture In 360 Degree Perimeter

 • Since the air fuel mixture inside of the combustion chamber is not homogenous (has different concentration at different places), it is beneficial that the spark discharge is not confined to only one set place (like with a conventional spark plug), instead, the spark discharge can occur anywhere in 360 degree perimeter of the BRISK LGS spark plug tip. This allows the spark discharge to occur on the very tip of the spark plug at point with the most ideal air fuel composition (where the ionization of the molecules is most easily achieved). This special spark plug feature ensures that the spark occurs at the best possible place for ignition, unlike in a conventional spark plug design, where the spark always occurs in one confined place.

 BRISK LGS spark plugs offer faster and better ignition of each ignition cycle, thus helping to improove fuel efficiency and fuel mileage.

Spark Plug Patented Firing Tip Design, No Indexing or Gapping Required

 • There is no need for indexing BRISK LGS style spark plugs since the ground electrodes of this plug are arranged symmetrically. There is no ground electrode restricting the access of the air fuel mixture, as the spark occurs on the very end of the firing tip. The special ground electrodes are integrated as a part of the shell. The integrated electrodes provide a fixed gap setting (cannot be adjusted), good heat displacement, and high volumetric efficiency.

Silver Center Electrode, Best Thermal (Heat) & Electrical Conductor

 • Silver is the best conductor of any metal! It conducts 560% more electricity & 481% more heat than Platinum, and 276% more electricity & 177% more heat than Iridium.

 • Silver spark plug electrode transfer electricity & heat better than any other spark plug material, resulting in the most powerful spark! This is beneficial for a full complete combustion of the available fuel and air in the combustion chamber. Combustion efficiency creates horsepower gains.

Festive Bike Sale - Gong Xi Fa Cai! January 10 2018, 0 Comments

Looking for that dream bike of yours and wondering whether you can afford? Fret not as we have payment schemes that are designed to suit your financing means.

RIDE them home from as low as $3000 or from $9 daily. 

What we need for your financing application:

  1. Application Submission – via email

i)                    Copy of NRIC (Front/Back)

ii)                   Copy of Driving Licence (Front/Back)

iii)                 Latest 3 month’s Computerised Payslip (to verify current employment)

iv)                 Last 12 month’s CPF Contribution Statement or Last 2 year’s Notice of Assessment (IR8A)

Pay from $290 monthly OR as low as $9.70 to own your brand new motorcycle.

The initial annual percentage rate of charge of motorcycle financing is at 4.5% under the following sample conditions:

cost price of vehicle, $14,788, (GST included);
down-payment $3,000 (20% of the cost of vehicle);
total amount on loan $11,788;
interest rate 4.5 % p/a on loan balance
repayment within 4 years in 48 monthly annuity payments;
Agreement fee of $200 is paid upon conclusion of the contract.
Interest Incurred - 4 years = $2121.90
Interest Incurred - Annually = $530.50
Interest Incurred - Daily = $1.50 
Monthly Repayment = $290 x 48 
Lock In Period = 2 years.

No GUARANTOR required unless otherwise stated. Terms and conditions apply for below 21 years old and above 60 years old Hirer's application. 

Ready stock for most models and should you have any motorcycles in mind that is not listed here do feel free and drop us a contact and we will have the quotation in place for you. The application process will take on average of 3 to 5 working days. 

Else you may consider on DBS/POSB credit card instalment programme which can be stretched up to 24 months. However, do note that there will be a one-time surcharge for purchase made under DBS/POSB cards.

Speak to us to land your dream motorcycle that you have been eyeing on! 

WY Festive Deals 2017/2018 November 27 2016, 0 Comments

Click here for more info :

Singapore Bike Show 2016 August 30 2016, 0 Comments

It has been a while since Singapore held a bike show and thus we are all excited to be part of the exhibitor list to show our support to the show. Dubbed the Asia most comprehensive show for both motorcycles and bicycles, the inaugural show took place on the 20th and 21st August at the Singapore Expo Hall 4.

Special deals were extended to the crowd goers and we were all totally soaked into the dynamic atmosphere during the show. Endless stream of crowds with curiosity strolled the expo hall with great anticipation. 

Crowd was also greeted with back to back stunt shows by international stunt riders Aaron Twite & Hiroyuki Ogawa. Not forgetting the locals stunt boys from Speedzone.


Safety is paramount in regards to both the cycling and motorcycling communities. Safety talks on riding gears were conducted by industry specialists, promoting on safe riding and raising on the awareness.

Big shout out to our participating brands and our sincere appreciation to them for supporting us for the show:

ENEOS Lubricants

Motobatt AGM Battery 

Skyrich Lithium Powersports Battery

Sinnob Polyurethane Sprocket Set 

Timsun Performance Tyres

Till next year and we will see you again!


Secure your motorcycle before you lose it. August 05 2016, 0 Comments

Many times we have heard about, "gosh I should have locked it else my motorcycle would not be stolen". 

Well, we can deter this but stopping the probability of being stolen can never be. We all know that prevention will always be better than cure. 

Look no further and consider having a KOVIX alarm system lock with you all the time especially handy to all weekend warriors going up North. Introducing to you the KNL-15 now in the full stainless steel body. 

This sleek looking alarm system is equipped with all necessity elements to deter the hungry thieves hovering your beloved motorcycle.

Features & Functions

- Built in 120 dB alarm system

- Micro USB rechargeable lithium battery (3.7v)

- Full stainless steel body 

- Double locking pin

- Weather proofing

In conclusion to say, LOCK it or LOSE it. Nobody should ever be in that situation.

Order with us and receive a complimentary next business day delivery.  

The next revolutionary MX helmet safety - 6D Helmets June 16 2015, 0 Comments

The 6D ATR-1 off-road helmet incorporates revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension™ ( ODS™) technology which is a patent-pending kinetic energy management solution.

ODS™ is designed to protect your brain over a broader range of impact energy; particularly low–threshold energy prevalent in most accidents. Low-threshold impact energy is the primary cause of concussion and second impact syndrome*. Independent laboratory testing also confirms a significant reduction in angular acceleration with ODS™. Angular acceleration is the primary cause of rotational brain injury, which is a potentially deadly and life-changing impairment.

The improved performance of 6D’s exclusive ODS™ technology can reduce the likelihood and propensity of concussion over traditional helmet designs. Although no helmet can protect you from all potential impacts or injury, the 6D ATR-1 was engineered to provide active free-motion capability within the helmet’s protective liner and exceed current relevant helmet standards.

6D Definition
Six Degrees of Freedom – In engineering terms, refers to the ability to move 3
dimensionally in space about the Cartesian coordinate system of X,Y and Z, including rotation about each axis.

6D’s™ innovative ODS™ system improves impact force management within the helmet’s interior environment. Omni-Directional Suspension™ ( ODS™ ) technology is designed to protect your head over a broader range of energy transfer; especially angular acceleration in low and high velocity impacts, than traditional helmet designs. In testing, ODS™ has shown to significantly reduce the energy transferred to the head. This can reduce the likelihood of a concussion or brain injury over a traditional helmet.

She got a thing for RED February 06 2015, 0 Comments

So, I've got a thang for Red.

And you know, having pretty bike accessories fitted on a bike is just like ladies wearing make up.
It can be a powerful cosmetic enhancement!

Stainless Steel Shortie Clutch Lever
Things can only get more deliciously red when my baby Ducati gets pimped by Wing Yap Motor with CNC Racing accessories mostly made of billet aluminium alloy (strong and lightweight).

Sprocket Flange - This star turns into a red ball when it starts spinning!
Made in Italy and distributed internationally from Europe, Asia, Oceania to Africa, CNC Racing is fundamentally built by a team of people who are about Speed, Precision and Quality equipped with the highest technologies.

Credits to CNC Racing 2015
A familiar face to the racing scene, CNC Racing has been actively involved with SBK Althea Racing since 2011 - 2014 as their official technical sponsor. 

Camshaft cover
As their brand name suggests, most of CNC racing products are crafted via CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining which is a manufacturing process involving the use of computers to control the machinery that directly creates the parts.

CNC Racing products are born from an intelligent mixture of innovation and design, using valuable material that's worked with utmost care.

I'm someone who normally prefers my big toys and their parts to be all stock. But hey, if CNC Racing accessories could cosmetically enhance my lil red beast without compromising it's performance, why not?

Brake Lever
Apart from boosting my bike's appearance in a subtle way (I don't like it when it's too loud), certain parts increases my riding comfort too - Especially the shortie clutch and brake levers, since I usually use just two fingers on them anyway.

The numbered lever distance selector makes adjusting the reach of my levers easy too.

Wheel valve cap set
It's always the little details that counts, and CNC Racing never fails to pay attention to them. Though it's just an air valve cap, its made of strong aluminium that tightens well compared to some others where we keep losing them forever (ride halfway fly out kind / turn halfway it cracks kind).

Fork Spring Preload Adjuster
See! Look, so stylish, right? They are made of solid alloy and beautifully anodized! Ok but on my Ducati Hypermotard, it's really just for show because my fork spring is non adjustable heh.

Rear wheels axel nut set
From major motorbike races to the most personalized home garage, CNC Racing is identified by their unique and creative customizations to suit every biker's needs.

Spyde LED Signal Lights
They are sleek and small, but these indicators are APPROVED on the roads! So, there is no need to worry for the Traffic Police stopping me. HEH. Made of aluminium, I can rejoice because I will no longer need to frustrate over my stock signal lights breaking and saving it's broken neck with duct tape.

After spending almost half a day at Wing Yap Motor, my Ducati Hypermotard is finally done up stylishly with CNC Racing accessories and it feels oh so prettyyyyy with red bling blings!

I've got my baby pimped.

CNC Racing :

A road warrior "lust" for battery power December 13 2014, 0 Comments

Motobatt up on a road warrior... Harley Dyna

Review by owner " 1st week report of MotoBatt on Harley.
3 days after installation reading holds at 12.78 VDC
4th day - Start up of Bike on 4th day - strong cranking current. Bike starts up on 2nd crank with choke pull out. ( 1st May 2013 ) short ride to Kota Tinggi.
On the road - bike feels a better surge on throttle turn. Indicates a better electrical supply to firing circuit. Which also means bike has a better response and performance.

Next Battery reading will be taken on 8th May 2013. 1 week after last ride to record the holding charge available without charging up battery."

2nd Review of MotoBatt on Harley Davidson

On the cool morning of 13th June 2013, I set off from Singapore at 6am with 10 other Big bikes on a long distance and duration ride from SG to Thailand, Betong to attend a Charity Event. It was a straightride of 800km over 9 hours with fuel and lunch stops.

Throughout this distance along the Malaysian North=South Highway, the voltmeter on my Harley displayed a charging voltage of 13.7 to 13.8 VDC. Bike starts-up everytime with a light crank after every stoppage for fuel and lunch. The light crank during start-up shows the good CCA from this MotoBatt battery. Certainly a great difference from the previous Brand of battery I had on my Harley, where the start-up crank sounds like that of starting up a earlier models of Volvo cars. Very loud and long crank of the Starter motor.

My best surprise is yet to come using this MotoBatt battery on my Harley.
On Sunday 16th June 2013, myself and 4 other bikes set off from Betong Thailand and rode up to Cameron Highlands. To enjoy the coldness after all the "heat " at Betong.

Enjoying a delicious warm Steamboat dinner at the restaurant of TitiWangsa was simply sumptously splendid. Slow dinner and long chats with good riding buddy's.

Monday morning 17th June 2013, after breakfast at 10am up the high mountain of Cameron Highlands. We set off for our ride back to "reality" Singapore.
Twist my throttle twice, pull out the " choke " half way, turn-on the ignition.
Wonders of Wonders !!! my Harley starts up with the same 1st light crank, as of on the Highway stoppage. Under the cold night air of previous nigh, nope I didnt cover my Harley, my bike starts up on the 1st crank. And it was gentle cranking of the Starter motor.

Well Well "".......... it just goes to show how extremely well MotoBatt battery has retained and delivered the much needed CCA, under both hot and cold weather conditions.

To start-up my bike. For yet another road to ride on !!
Go North to Travel. Coming home Safe & Happy !!
Till the next Trip beckons Me. On The Road Again !!
Starting Up with my MotoBatt.

Oh ya, in case you have doubts, come meet me and the other bikers who shared the dinner of Steamboat at Cameron Highlands with me on the 16th June 2013.

Good Health & Happy Rides.

Kester Kang

Motobatt that satisfy a bikers' need... December 13 2014, 0 Comments

Motobatt on a Moto Guzzi Norge...

"My final report on the MotoBatt battery fitted on Moto Guzzi Norge.

Intentionally leaving the MotoBatt battery connected to the Norge for 1 month without any movements. Battery check with Digital voltmeter shows a reading of 12.28 VDC.

Put bike into 3rd gear. Rock the rear wheels to loosen up the pistons. Twist throttle twice. Insert ignition key and turn " ON ". Press "Start " button.

With a light crank of the starter, engine starts-up in about 2 sec in "auto-chock" setting. Idles at about 2,000 rpm for about 3 mins and goes to normal idling speed of 1,000 rpm. With the same Digital voltmeter, readings at MotoBatt battery terminals shows 13.52 VDC.

Indeed, this MotoBatt battery installed on my Norge has deliver the quality and expectations that I require for my Touring bike, which I don't ride often.

MotoBatt is certainly the battery for Big Bikes that we don't ride often. Delivering the most crucial requirement to start-up the bike after a period of non usage.

I will certainly recommend MotoBatt batteries for leisure big bike users.

Simply because it "delivers" the power when we need it the most.

Safe Rides & Happy Days !!

Kester Kang

Personal experience on Skyrich LI Ion Powersports Battery December 13 2014, 0 Comments

Longer Run
MotoBuyer’s ace road-tester Deyna Chia's had Skyrich lithium batteries in his 2012 BMW S 1000 RR and BMW R 1200 R for about two months now. Here's what he's got to say:

Three years ago I fitted a competitor brand's LiFePO (that’s the chemical name for lithium iron phosphate) battery into my previous 2010 S1000RR. It was a good example of an early lithium battery, which featured a simple plastic casing housing six cells. The overall size was significantly smaller than the Yuasa YTZ10S it replaced, to the point that mounting without slabs of high density foam and a good degree of force was required. The battery was installed in my bike for about two months, and I used the bike once a week, making a 200+km round trip each time I did (ensuring a full charge).

After two months of usage, I noticed that the tachometer started acting funny. The needle would sweep clockwise to about 4,000rpm, then stay put, resuming its sweep when engine revs passed 8000rpm or so. Riding the bike spiritedly, I also noticed a loss of power. Video reviews later showed that the bike reached lower top speeds at a given point on a closed circuit. Following these symptoms, the battery failed after a week and had to be replaced - not a good omen for cutting-edge tech then, and a real example of getting burned by early adpoption, I say! Referring to the user manual, it stated that below nine volts, the battery was effectively dead - in contrast even a lead acid battery will still have some juice at that voltage.

My suspicion was that the cells were simply wired in series, without any charging circuit or management system, meaning that the cells would never be all equally not fully charged by conventional charges. The manufacturer subsequently modified their batteries, including a special plug and recommended using their charger. The minimum charging amperage for their battery was 2A, much higher than the usual battery tenders/ trickle chargers than any casual owner would have lying around.
I got a new battery as replacement, and fitted that to my 2009 Triumph Street Triple R. That battery died after a month. So, tired of all this, back came the heavy but reliable Yuasa lead acid and gel batteries.

I still love the idea of the benefits of lithium tech, so I decided to give Skyrich a try. Fitting was a cinch as Skyrich batteries are shaped and sized like the Yuasa batteries they replace, in most ways, so installation is much easier - like in this review, I did a self-install and it took just five minutes. The matching Skyrich battery replacing my YTZ10S was a direct fit, not requiring any foam work.

My current S 1000 RR has been used weekly, just as with the previous, and two months have passed with no degradation in performance. Starting is strong, though without perceivable improvement. No funky tachometer either. My R 1200 R is also running flawlessly, so I’m much happier with the Skyrich units.
All things said, the small premium paid for these Skyrich LiFePO batteries is more than met by weight savings, aftersales service (from Ban Hock Hin where I purchased them), and a one-year warranty, make the switch a worthwhile proposition.