Secure your motorcycle before you lose it.

Many times we have heard about, "gosh I should have locked it else my motorcycle would not be stolen". 

Well, we can deter this but stopping the probability of being stolen can never be. We all know that prevention will always be better than cure. 

Look no further and consider having a KOVIX alarm system lock with you all the time especially handy to all weekend warriors going up North. Introducing to you the KNL-15 now in the full stainless steel body. 

This sleek looking alarm system is equipped with all necessity elements to deter the hungry thieves hovering your beloved motorcycle.

Features & Functions

- Built in 120 dB alarm system

- Micro USB rechargeable lithium battery (3.7v)

- Full stainless steel body 

- Double locking pin

- Weather proofing

In conclusion to say, LOCK it or LOSE it. Nobody should ever be in that situation.

Order with us and receive a complimentary next business day delivery.  

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