BRISK Premium Evo & Multi Spark Plugs

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Brisk Premium Multi-Spark plugs are an entirely new type of spark plug. Owning to their unique design, they produce more than one spark per impulse of the ignition system. More than one simultaneous point of ignition results in better and more spontaneous ignition of the air-fuel mixture. Spark Plug sparks are not shielded by the ground electrode; therefore it provides faster, unrestricted expansion of the flame front. The mixture burns more uniformly and more quickly. The result of better utilization of available combustion energy is more power, better acceleration, lower harmful exhaust emission and reduction in fuel consumption. Brisk Premium spark plugs are available in three design variations, each suitable for specific application LGS, GS, ZC. 

Key Benefits and Applications
  • Multi Spark-Plugs Increase Engine Power!
  • More Horse Power, Torque, Faster Acceleration and Response
  • Maximum Spark Exposure - Better use of Available Energy
  • Race Engines with Precise Air/Fuel Managment
  • Mild Supercharged / Turbocharged / Nitrous Engines
  • All Late Model Vehicles - Better Gas Mileage
  • Silver Center Electrode
  • ZC/ZS Patented Auxillary Electrodes Technology
    • 3 Simultaneous Sparks per 1 Ignition Impulse
    • Sparks in Full 360 degree at Point of Richest Mixture


BRISK PREMIUM MULTI-SPARK PLUG is the only spark plug in the world that produces 3 sparks per ignition impulse.

The 3 sparks are sufficiently distanced from each other and ignite 3 independent flame fronts anywhere in a 360 degree perimeter each individual ignition impulse, at the speed of light. Each spark, has the potential to spark anywhere in 360-degree perimeter but sparks at the point of the highest air/fuel concentration. Lean air/fuel mixture is hard to ignite and is difficult for the spark to occur.


That means...with a multiple discharge ignition system, you will get three sets of three sparks (9 sparks total) per each single primary ignition system impulse.