Motobatt FATBOY - 2 in 1 Battery Charger (Lithium & AGM)

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The Motobatt Fat Boy Intelligent Battery Maintenance Charger is suitable for smaller and larger power sports batteries, features an advanced 9 step charging process, suitable for AGM, Gel, conventional lead acid and Lithium Ion motorcycle batteries.

Once charged the Fat Boy Charger will maintain your battery to keep it in top condition ready to use at a push of a button.


Charging Current - 2.0 Amp

Charge Output Voltage - Auto Variable 13.6 to 14.8V with microprocessors to communicate with the battery to maximize a safe charge input

Bulk Charge Voltage - 14.8V

Input Charge Voltage - 240V A/C (Standard)

Float Voltage - 13.6V will properly maintain any battery chemistry via constant communication between the battery and charger

Auto On - Connect and wait for recharge

No connection/Reverse LED - Simple LED notification lets you know when the charger is connected correctly

Fully Charges - Standard, Gel, AGM and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Sulphated Battery Recovery - As part of the 9 stage charge process the charge pulse and recovery modes team up to Revive sulphated batteries without battery damage

Charging Steps - 9 Stage for optimised control

Bad Battery Test - Checks the battery before and after charging

High Impact Plastic Housing - Makes it safe, Durable, resistant to shocks and has wall mounting points

Supplied with - UK Plug, Crocodile Clips, eyelet maintenance leads and user instructions